A holistic analysis of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial

“If it depends on a critical moment that causes mass awakening, it will only occur because each person, individually, has awakened their own heart.”

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It was reading the comments of a critical moment of two celebrities in the court, played openly to the public, that I confirmed that, everything in the collective is a reflection of us. I realized how important it is to look at issues that have been raised (aggression, abuse, control, codependency, mental disorders, ancestral patterns, repeated cycles, addictions, childhood wounds, etc.) maybe not as toxic and dysfunctional as theirs, but on some level they are patterns that are being repeated on Earth right now.

Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors in the history of the cinema. He is a Gemini with Moon in Capricorn and Ascendant in Leo, which explains his eccentric style and his multiple talents that he uses professionally with mastery. He is a unique person of Native Indian, Irish and German descent with extremely sharp spirituality and, according to an American magazine, he is one of the 50 smartest people in Hollywood with an IQ of 139. Despite being sagacious and highly intuitive, the excess of drinks and substances over the years ended up making marks and rips in his aura, weakening his mediumship and attracting negative energies to his life. Today, he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, accused by his ex-wife of abuse and violence. So far, no other woman had accused him of this! Then filing a defamation suit, he claims he is innocent and that the only person abused was himself — not allowing to heal when he had the opportunity.

Amber Heard, despite her Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra, is in an impressive imbalance, in a negative energy of harmful projection and mirroring: “I project to you what I don’t want to see in myself”. She was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. I think it is very important to point out that not all people diagnosed like this behave like her! The psychological manipulation she thinks she exerts on him is so noticeable that on several days of the trial, if he dresses one way, the next day she would look similar to what he was wearing the day before.

Image: New York Times

It is up to the jury with all its Power and Wisdom to decide on the abuses, aggressions and penalties to be applied. My goal is to observe, analyze, intuit and share teachings as a Holistic Therapist and a specialist in Positive Psychology.

Both are flawed human beings, who were brought together for a purpose as a couple. But now, scaled into the collective consciousness because thousands of people are watching them. Thus creating an opportunity for analysis, reflection and healing for many.

Each being brings its baggage and its Life Plan. The experiences that are lived were chosen individually, therefore differentiated. Each will respond according to their internal information. With each lesson learned, the vibrational frequency is raised. In essence, your relationships hold the key to accelerating your Evolution. Each one chooses how to relate. It is the choice to be aware, awake and loving.

Every human being has a victim story, a memory of a situation where they felt vulnerable, out of control, or helpless. But within these stories, there is a karmic lesson, a soul contract, and a starting point for healing, forgiveness and transformation. We have the choice of remaining suffering or becoming victorious by piecing together the fragments to understand the bigger picture.

Healing our relationships is our own choice. Whether affective relationships, family, friends or professional. Is it possible to heal all relationships? Yes, healing our relationships begins with healing the attitudes within us. It is not the people directly who need to be forgiven. It is our own attitudes, thoughts and judgments about them.

Both Johnny and Amber need healing! When Johnny was asked what he lost, he said “Everything”. What I’d like to point out about him is that he’s really capable of owning up to his flaws and facing his shadows. He’s able to talk about his addictions, he’s honest and self-aware about it. He was always considered an enigma, and today, in one of the most difficult situations of his life, we can see him in detail. Even in pain, he comes with subtle energy, working to be where he should be, grateful for his life, and thanking those who truly love him. If you can watch the testimony where he talks about his mother and his childhood and you will understand more about what he is going through. There was certainly a moment when he could have broken up with Amber before a deeper relationship, but he decided to gamble. Betting on the Love and Truth he believed to exist. He ended up repeating a pattern that happened to his parents.

Image: New York Times

As I see it, Johnny has a great chance to step through a new portal and find peace and love: he is further along his path of healing that includes facing his shadows, breaking family patterns and, if he can, overcoming all of his addictions.

As for Amber, she is trapped in an energy of denial and the projection is strong — and could easily repeat cycles. She needs healing from a physical and spiritual perspective. She can change too. She is an evolving being like all of us. If she is guilty she will have to pay, learn and move on with her life — but if it continues like this, she tends to repeat the same cycle in another relationship. There is still much more than psychological tests have shown. There is something more to be discovered of her so that she can be fully understood.

There is no “good guy” or “bad guy” in this story. Both were wrong at some point because they merged into toxic codependency, abuse patterns, addictions and shadows.

We are reminded all the time that the choice and final decision belongs to each of us. In the essence of all beings is love and the ability to love without conditions. When I speak of Love, I speak of love in the sacred realm: gratifying, joyful, balanced, heart-based, with everything we crave, protection, loyalty, security and trust. More than how the story of Johnny and Amber ends, we must evaluate qualities relevant to our relationships! I hope he heals and finds a partner who truly loves him as much as he deserves. I also hope she heals. But before having another relationship, may she learn to love herself and treat people with love and energy, breaking codependency and learning what boundaries are.

As we understand the meaning of life, from within, we establish healthy and positive meaning in our relationships. The seed of love is in your heart. And it is you who must cultivate it in Trust, Faith and Hope that it is possible to live a life of love and commitment to such a purpose.

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