What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Photo: Kátia Brunetti

In a particular session of the coaching program I developed, I ask my coachees this question. Analyzing responses, I noticed, in many of them, a critical touch, always based on negative and limiting beliefs.

And you, what do you see when you look in the mirror? Can you look and feel affection for who you really are?

Our inner voice is our most severe critic. There is no one as cruel to us as ourselves. When I gave classes to little children, they looked at themselves in the mirror and said cute things like “Teacher, am I beautiful?” The pre-teenagers combing their hair asked: “Am I beautiful, teacher?” One day I found myself asking: when, unfortunately, will they start looking in the mirror and doubting the real beauty that exists in them? Because at some point, they will… When they grow up, like all of us, they will witness hundreds of images a day of “ideal” beauty. Ads will tell you how to get the smoothest, brightest, perfect curly hair; how to dress without ‘making mistakes’, what is the best look for each situation, how to do makeup, etc. And instead of feeling proud when they look in the mirror, telling themselves that they are beautiful, their internal critic will take over, and cruelly point out ‘flaws’ and invent a little more. You know exactly what I’m talking about….

Take a test now: go in front of the mirror and spend a few minutes looking deeply into your own eyes. Think about your age, the moments you’ve passed, the stories you have to tell, everything you’ve learned in your life, what you’ve accomplished, the people who crossed your path …

One of the best ways to increase self-esteem is to start appreciating yourself and loving yourself. And when I say I love myself, I don’t mean becoming proud, arrogant, and thinking that you’re better than everyone else, it doesn’t mean becoming vain and narcissistic.

Believe me: having this loving view of yourself will help you to broaden that view around you — your relationships, your health, and well-being, to manifest your dreams, your ability and to increase your self-esteem. Love yourself and connect with Love and connect with Source.

Loving yourself increases your frequency, creating a balanced, healthy, and happy life.

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