This week completes 18 years of my professional journey. I started as a trainee at a language school as a teenager and soon after a few months of courses and training, I was able to teach. Each year I spent as a young teacher I consolidated my way of teaching, of dealing with students. I managed to have more control over the whole process, to have more security, tranquility. So I was multiplying the number of classes. Increasing the number of students.

Today, businesswoman, teacher trained in translator/interpreter and coach, after many years of learning (part by theory, part by practice) and fully realized, I share some of my views on what it means to be an Educator.

:: The educator is a knowledge specialist. He is an open, welcoming, understanding person. Each day, he returns to the classroom refreshed, stimulated by new challenges, by contact with students, by the desire to learn and teach.

:: Teaching has its glamorous moments where students participate, get involved, develop. Time passes, students graduate, others arrive and the process begins again. Educators develop a “feeling” to detect how each class is doing, each student, of how much it is worth having a more theoretical or dynamic class, the right time for stories, videos, and games.

:: The excellent educator has a natural gift for magnetism, sympathy, synergy, rapport. It is a quality that can be developed, but some have it naturally and exercise intuitively.

:: The educator must have the ability to express his intellectual competence. Ability to show knowledge to bring the student closer to theory, practice, experience, and reflection.

:: An excellent educator is one who, in all classes, is able to awaken, stimulate, encourage the best qualities of each of his students.

Gratitude to all of you who are part of my story

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